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Back behind bar(s)…

I haven’t really been working in a café on a steady basis since I left Australia in 2010. A few things in my life saw me wanting to return to do actual bar work, and I got the opportunity to take over after my friend Craig left our friend Alex’ bar Espressino to go back to Australia, so somehow the full circle made sense.

In just two weeks, I’ve made more sandwiches, single espresso and macchiatos than I have in a long long time. I’ve had friends popping in every day to see what I’m up to, and it feels great having a place to meet and greet people over coffee. This in many ways reminds me of my great days back at Ristretto and Spring Espresso in Perth!

The pictures above shows some, but not all, of the people I’ve had in for the past few weeks. Since Espressino is an espresso based bar, I’ve been brought some filter coffees to brew up to friends occasionally. Since we don’t have a proper grinder, and hand grinding takes a lot of time, some of the interaction has been to let the friends themselves grind up what we’re brewing. My good friend Kåre who lives in Portland brought me in some beautiful coffee from Heart Roasters, as well as the latest Able Kone and Disk, to try out! I’ve made some ice coffees from delicate Kenyans when brewing chemex in solitude, with mixed results.

But it feels great to back in the saddle, and once I get the routine at work going (when to prepare sandwiches, when to start preparing for close etc.) I am really looking forward to start digging deeper into the world of coffee again! Some more negative thoughts on the Italian espresso house culture will be shared in my next post though…  Until then…

NP: Belleruche Minor Swing

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