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Happiness is only real when shared

For some time now, I have been scrutinizing the world of social media, both in coffee and outside. It seems to me, the good thing about the forum (mainly Twitter) is the ability to bind people together despite great distances. I’ve met many people through Twitter and have had good times together with them; anything from coffee crawls to inspiring conversations. I especially have gotten to like Instagram, which is sharing images and not thoughts in letters, which is both inspiring but also even more narrowed down as a lifestyle marker to image your life through a filtered lense.

But I think there is a backside to social media, maybe especially in coffee (since this is the platform I am examining social media from). Partly because it creates a hype around things that aren’t necessarily what they seem to be (or its mirror, where someone can write a negative blogpost without having much to go on). In short; there is things of value and things that are rubbish, going out side by side, and it opens up for relativism among people who can’t really separate the information from each other.

Creating a webpresence online, is sometimes indistinguishable from a webpersona. You might know yourself, but people online who follows or encounters you might get a completely different picture. In general, I think this is where so called “trolling” comes about, when people start having a problem distinguishing their own webpersona from themselves.

But the paradox is equally problematic. There is a very large conformity among these people too. Everyone likes microbrewed beer, eats at Guide Michelin star restaurants and witness neofolk band (or hipster emo as I’d like to call it). Now, it’s up to me to follow or unfollow these people, naturally, but there seems to be a clear indicator that people who wants to join these Twitterati in their “winners circle” also must like and do these things, as if they were markers of what makes people interesting.

On a macrolevel, it is exactly this conformity that is the beginning to an end for these kind of forums, cause it just waters out whatever was possibly interesting with the people behind these webpersonas (does anyone have an opinion anymore?). It’s like the Twitter app is a painting by Wu Daozi, where everyone is creating their parallell reality, and then steps into the picture to forever disappear.

To remain sane, I must turn the other direction. I must leave this evolutionary dead end behind and now start my walk, into the wild….

NP: Bad Religion Walk Away

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