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Kali Yuga

Through mans existence, from the start of time, the fight for survival, was her only crime

We are living in interesting times. Society is changing, perceptions are changing, people are changing. There is nothing certain in this world anymore, yet everything continues as it was business as usual. This is nothing new, really. In the Bhagavad Gita, there is a great quote from Lord Krishna to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra; “There was no time when you nor I nor these kings did not exist”. It simply means, there is nothing new here, it’s all been witnessed and experienced before. In todays Social Media climate, this is particularly true. In coffee in general, this is also true.

When I started in coffee, latte art was a must, syphons were the latest rage, and we just started to brew with aeropress. Now, latte art is almost frowned upon in some circles, syphons some people have hardly heard of, but the aeropress is still in fashion. If anyone needs proof of evolution, there you had it. Just saw some pictures from a couple of years back, where the Clover was in fashion. Anyone remember that one? No? It was later adopted by Starbucks, which in some degree will explain its demise in more closed coffee circles.

In these days of confusion, I am a person not sure about my identity anymore. I have a job with people that I really like, however the coffee quality is not of significance. Which means I put out average cups of coffee every day with my name on it. Still better than a lot, maybe most, outlets in Stockholm in 2015. But still, I’m not pushing any boundaries. If anything, I’m more or less an Innocent Bystander of the times. We don’t weigh our coffee, we go by color and time, and we let taste rule. The quality of the coffee doesn’t really benefit from weighing, and the customer wouldn’t know the difference. So in the light of things, I am now in that sector that I myself frowned upon once in a time, where I didn’t take full response of the coffee.

Everyone knows the story about the Tower of Babel, right? When people became so secure about themselves that they defied God, and built a tower that made them lose the ability to understand each others languages, the closer to God they came. The Hindus refer to that incident as a whole age, the age of confusion, the age of quarrel. The age of Iron – Kali Yuga

Today is a wonderful time for being in coffee, really. This week, the New York Coffee Festival is launched. It is a copy of the one Allegra does in London and in Amsterdam (almost by historical irony that New Amsterdam was later renamed New York). Later, in November, the resurrection of the Nordic Roaster Forum is due. There are now many publications that enviously guard each other, which gave some resonance in Social Media when the SCAA announced its decimating the Regional Competitions earlier and one publication seemed to be solely invited to break the news. Even though I understand the animosity this might bring, it is still a luxuary in coffee to have many publications to chose from.

So where does this leave me? I skipped through my diary, and I see that a lot of the things I was supposed to have taken care of a year ago, are still to be fulfilled. I have still not taken time to focus on myself, to regain strength in my personal health. As one of my best friends was forced to live elsewhere than planned, the black metal album we were supposed to record at his house in LA is postponed. Instead, I am currently involved with a punk rock band I was in some 15 years ago, and we’ll record stuff in two weeks. I do have a Five Year Plan though. It still involves my book that needs to leave the sketching table and enter the process. It still involves music to be created. It also involves some plans for coffee, absolutely. Competing even, if time permits and the stars are aligned. But I need to rebirth. And that is still to happen. Not sure when, not sure how. But my old incarnation is getting worn out. Tired of what I have become.

NP: Boltthrower – Eternal War