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World of Coffee 2015

The World of coffee was an intense affair for anyone engaged in it! I was the designated hashtagger for Da Matteo, the local coffee company and more or less the host of the event! As you may or may not know, social media is pronounced dead, yet it is more than alive and kicking! I have to be honest; I did a shitty job for my friends over at Da Matteo. Sure, I tweeted, I hashtagged, but did I give the audience all there was? No. And maybe it is because it’s such a vast exhibition! Or maybe I was sloshed most of the time… Or maybe it was just me? Maybe I am the wrong person for that kind of job? Seeing enough shows in my career makes it hard to find another angle. Anyway, it was probably the last time I ever try to engage in anything but IRL-meetings with people in the flesh.

For me personally the most interesting part was judging the Best of India. It was a serious yet rather small affair, judging the best 41 coffees India had to offer! India is a country very dear to me, so getting the opportunity to meet some of the people on the Coffee Board of India was fantastic! I am hoping to visit India soon enough, there are so many things I am interested in reconnecting with over there, not just in coffee but in tea and culturally.

In the early stage of the exhibition I was part of the local group, looking at various locations etc. It was interesting to follow up on what was chosen for each and every event! It seems, from the focus group, that the Village concept this year really took off! Various roasters, green buyers etc showed the crowd what was on offer with various cuppings and brews! On the first days, my estimation is that probably the Village had most visitors of all!  This was the first SCAE/WCE in Sweden ever, and I do think we nailed it! It was very appreciated, and it goes to show what can be done in Dublin next year!!

To this date, it was considered to be the best World of Coffee yet, and I can only agree from my own experiences of various exhibitions. But at the end of the day, what was most important was to catch up with all good friends and making new ones. That is what matters most!

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