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Lanthandeln Espresso

So, this is my new job! For a very long time, I’ve been keeping my train job as something to always rely on, always be the bread and butter of my life, but also the never ending pain and agony of being about everything I am not about. My friend Reggie Elliot worked here before, and did a great job trying to push the envelope of what coffee can be in an environment that isn’t usually blessed with coffee (or any other produce for that matter) focus. Then Reggie moved back to DC to start his new venture, and there was a vacant spot. I thought about it long and hard, was I ready to give up the trains? And I was. Most things negative in my life, I blame the trains for: the working hours, the company policies towards their staff as well as the environment I get to serve people in. I am a peoples person, no doubt, but driving the trains makes you kind of misanthropic since everyone will show you their worst traits in one go. (Writing this just two days after Oscar winner Malik Bendjelloul (famous for the documentary “Searching For Sugar Man”) commited suicide by jumping in front a train on my very home station, I can’t get rid of the thought that it could’ve been me driving that train).

This specific Lanthandeln Espresso is situated within Bonniers Konsthall, an art gallery focused on rather large exhibition with focus on contemporary art, which means it’s a great cultural hub which is right down my alley! The audience here is knowledgable and know what they want, yet rather open minded towards new experiences. Lanthandelns focus is really fresh produce (eggs coming from a very specific farmer, keeping his hens under surveillance on camera, olive oil that one of the chefs participated in creating etc), and great coffee. They’ve chosen to work with Stockholm Roast, which is a local roastery that works intimately with a lot of foodie restaurants in Stockholm and elsewhere. I know Johan and Öner from before, me and Johan  worked for Da Matteo together, so it’s all good fun! Stockholm Roast provides Synesso espresso machines, which to me is the number one espresso machine on the market, and one of my first loves on my coffee journey. The fact that I now work on a Mazzer rober with a dosing chamber is uncanny, closing in the circles of my life (this was the set up when I first started at Ristretto in Perth).

I am also planning on taking on some international coffees to present to Swedes, which will be really exciting. Some of these companies have never been presented to the Swedish public before, but are well known within the industry! More info to come! I’m also very excited about our tea selection brought to us by Swedens number one tea dealer, In The Mood For Tea. Lately, my focus has shifted slightly from coffee to tea, and it’s great excitement to get to work with the best tea available in Sweden!

Lanthandeln Espresso also have a license to serve alcohol, which will make the After Works interesting in the future! Serving some interesting Belgian beers at the moment, as well as some Italian and French wines. I am interested in moving it forward towards some stellar new world wines. We’ll see what the future brings! This is all I can tell you for now, but I am very excited about this! Hope to see you there!

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Back in black

tamp like a champ

This was supposed to be my year away from coffee. Sometimes you get too involved in something, and stop enjoying it. It started pretty bad, with me going to Ethiopia on a coffee trip. Not really staying away from coffee then, was I? Then it was work and no real involvement for a long time. So my idea formed to start writing a book on Swedish Coffee Culture, which I am still in progress of getting written. And then there was the Aeropress Championships, then there was this cupping group that Christofer Levak asked me to join, then I got invited into the focus group for World of Coffee in Gothenburg 2015,  and all of a sudden I was interested in a job that was available. So, I resigned from the Underground, finally, and will start working at Lanthandeln Espresso, a quality based café inside the Bonnier Konsthall in Stockholm.

Today I did a sneaky appearance before my official start on Thursday, and it was all fun and games. But also kind of an eye opener, that I am back on square one, knowledge wise. It’s a challenge, but also kind of a rebirthing for me. A chance to start all over again. With an old school Mazzer grinder, dosing chamber style, and a Synesso, I am back where I started. Pictures will follow.

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