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Down But Not Out

I went down to the crossroads,
Fell down on my knees.
Asked the Lord above for mercy,
“Save me if you please.”

– Robert Johnson


This summer has been nothing what I planned to be honest. My old self would’ve wanted me to sit around in the sun, drinking beer and do nothing with my life. Go to work, put my head down and just survive. Chance had it differently though. Earlier this year I started my journey towards a straight edge lifestyle. It’s been a hard and rocky road to try and crack the code to what keeps me relapsing into a habit that will kill me in the end? It seems now, finally, I am on my way to a new life. Ironically, the world fell apart around me; all of a sudden our apartment was taken away from us, and then I was facing unemployment. My old self would’ve cracked open another bottle of wine and just crawl up in there and hide. Instead, my meditation practice had me facing the pits, and all of a sudden acceptance made me stronger than I’ve ever been.

I’m at a crossroad in my life, where I am either through with the coffee industry, or have to embrace it fully. To do the latter, I need somewhere to work that understands coffee, competition and still challenges me into growth. I have approached a friend of mine, something I’ve been reluctant of doing due to the fact I never wanted to work with friends since it might do more damage to the relation that good. But in this case, I have nowhere else to go really, if I want to compete and progress, and get to work with the kind of coffee quality that I set out to do when I came to Sweden.

So we’ll see. I hope his response is positive! I have two competitions in me; one for Brewers, and one for Barista. They both demand a lot of attention, and I will do them each one year at a time. Exciting times if my plans goes accordingly. If not, I’ll sneak out the backdoor and vanish forever on my bike.

NP: Cro Mags – Crush the Demoniac


Drifting Away

Ever since I first met Adam Goldberg some years ago, can’t remember how we initially got hold of each other really, we’ve stayed in touch and it’s always nice to catch up over a coffee somewhere in the city when he’s around. Adam has a wonderful coffee lifestyle magazine called Drift Magazine, with four issues out already. The fourth issue happened to be about Stockholm, and I was very honored to be featured among its pages with the excerpts below! Drift Magazine is probably the most beautiful magazine dedicated to coffee and the people brewing it, and there are many familiar Stockholm faces featured! Check it out!!


NP: Beastie Boys – So What Cha Want

How Low Can You Go


It was bound to happen. On paper, my escape from Lanthandelns Espresso was quite interesting. With my personal health cracking up, and a hard time matching my working hours with parenthood, I had to find something else to do. My friend who worked as a chef at Lanthandeln, had recently landed a job at a place with health focus, but with a desire to get the nights working with a fresh menu and interesting drinks. My job would be Front of House, and my friend would set the kitchen straight in the back, and we’d work together with a third person who’d act as the bridge between us and have full responsibility towards the owner.

I’ve had my ups and downs with coffee the past years, and I was looking forward to not take on coffee as my big task to start with, but get a good beer and wine concept going together with the kitchen.

As time went, frustration grew. People working with us couldn’t see the forest because of all the trees. How about this: you get a massive complaint that you haven’t refilled straws for the next morning, but they leave you with dirty wine glasses for the night. One day apparently, the chef had enough and a massive fight broke out. I was called in, and since we were considered a packaged deal, I was out too. I won’t lie; I was seriously relieved. Still, unemployed and soon without a home, things look dire. On the other hand, I am sober and feel better than ever.

NP: Foo Fighters – Low




I think the purpose of having a blog in the first place, is to have something to say. As of lately, I have a lot of things to think about, but not much to give away. So what is the point then of blogging?

The answer is; there is no point. I’ve logged a few events and thoughts in my life. They’re on these pages. But what if I don’t want to be online, what if I don’t want to be found? What if I just disappeared? It might just come to that.

NP: Talking Heads – Nothing But Flowers