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When Da Matteo comes to town pt. 2

When I visited Berlin earlier this year, I was really inspired to see the settings in which coffee houses put their lovely product. Characteristic wooden and iron furniture that are somewhat easy to make, but looks so good. I sent lots of photos as inspiration to the Gothenburg crew, and I discover that they must’ve liked them when I visited the latest installation in Borås a couple of days ago.

Ever since I first visited the roastery on Magasinsgatan, that has been the apple of my coffee eye, one of the most inspirational sights in Sweden actually. It has, disturbing really, been replaced by this location in the small town of Borås, some 50 minutes away from Gothenburg. The brilliance of the torn down wallpaper, creating a whole new piece of art on the wall (which some moronic customer complained about, and asked when the wall was going to be ready made).

The menu is simple, but very good. Next to the till is a bread bar, that will be extended to a sort of deli, hopefully with a alcohol license.  Lovely staff, perfect details. As a company, what da Matteo does when moving into a new space, is not actually putting their own mark on it, but lifting up front the details already there and instead add the ambience.

A part of me actually feel that maybe it is too soon for this small town to experience this. Especially when a customer complains about the coffee being “too weak, too acidic, and also when asking for a refill you get charged”…. But someone has to bring civilisation to this area. Thanks da Matteo for being that someone!

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