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One Night In Sydney


How to make coffee more interesting to the unsuspecting crowd? At Lanthandelns Espresso, we sort of cater for the average joe, someone not too familiar with Speciality Coffee. So how to present it to people with no pre conception of what other than generic super market coffee is? We thought a monthly theme night would be nice.

First up was Toby’s Estate from Sydney, Australia. Toby’s Estate was one of the first and greatest promotors of speciality coffee and direct trade in Australia. The company fostered its first World Barista Champion, Paul Bassett, and it took Australian coffee culture to Singapore and to New York.

I met Toby some years back, in Portland, and when he was holding a speech at the coffee festival that local promotors Johan & Nyström arranged some weeks ago, we hooked up for some coffee and a chat at Lanthandelns Espresso. We got to cup the latest coffee blend from Toby’s Estate that, hands down, is one of the best milk based coffee drinks I’ve had in a long time. It made me gravely miss Australia.

The idea behind the theme night was simple; we cup coffees from the roastery, we see pictures that the roastery presents, and make a spotify list of what would normally be played at the roastery/café in the specific roastery/café. We want people to understand that Speciality Coffee is a movement, a philosophy on par with our own on how we source our meats, vegetables and other fresh produce in the café.

That night, I made some serious flat whites to unsuspecting people, and cupped great coffees with an interested crowd of art fans. One had travelled Africa extensively and could relate to coffee just through his travels. Another had a coffee revelation from just tasting a single cup of not-your-generic-supermarket-coffee. Some see the coffee wine analogy far fetched, others come to the conclusion themselves.

We will continuously present roasters from around the globe in order to promote Speciality Coffee in the same fashion. Thank you Toby and Isabel for a wonderful evening!

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