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A quick update

In the three weeks we’ve been open today, we’ve already had some great supportive visitors from the (global even) community. We’ve quietly started the public cuppings, we’ve had some stunning guest coffees brought to us (from Ritual Roasters and 49th Parallell among others), we’ve had Simian Ghost playing the shop, we’ve had tea and coffee workshop with the staff together with Kura CafĂ© (we are using their tea) and we’ve had some great times and made new friends!

The next step will be to get the lunch going, and eventually get breakfasts. And then world domination, but we’ll take one step at a time 😉

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Da Matteo comes to town

I think by now, most people reading this are aware that Da Matteo have opened up their first own outlet in Stockholm. And I am very happy and proud to be a part of the whole arrangement, even though at the moment I can’t take credit for much that has happened there. It has been a very fast process, and to be honest I am still not fully grasping it to be reality. Yet still, it very much is!

We are currently using a very unique piece of equipment; a La Marzocco GS2, restored to mint condition by Espresso Specialisten. Since the cafĂ© is situated inside a clothing/furniture store called Grandpa, dealing a lot with vintage stuff, it is a perfect introduction to the scene and what we’re about. To me, it’s very much like an old car; it needs to be driven carefully and its chrome needs to shine, and it’s not a car you race with but you cruise the streets and make some noise for the crowd! Still, it delivers a wicked espresso!

The main attraction for me though, is the Uberboiler from Marco. A built in scale and timer and consistent brewing temperature, who could ask for anything else? At the moment, it’s the crown jewel of the store in my opinion, and it is where we’re brewing Chemex and V60. At the moment we have five single origins on offer; two Ethiopians (one washed, one natural), one Kenyan, one El Salvador and one Guatemalan (all washed), and on the Bunn Smartwave we offer our seasonal blend as batch brew.

One cruicial bit for me is staff. Where to find good staff, without stealing them from either competitors or our own customers? And still have good people that are dedicated coffee and cafĂ© minded? I’ve kept in touch with people who left the industry some time ago, and I always wanted to work with them if the opportunity should rise. They have, much to my relief and joy, accepted this and now I have three staff that are so much better than I have ever dared to dream about! Being part of something new, is inspiring to them and yet slightly challenging. I will present them individually later!

So this is a taster of what I’m up to these days coffee wise. I hope to bring more in depth covering once we go, but this first week has been really full for me to grasp, so I leave it for now! Swing by if you’re in town!

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