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Fire in the house

syphon sally

My girlfriend was the producer of a large cultural symposium at Moderna Muséet and Moderna Dans Teatern. It was very visual, and very high end, and she wanted me to make coffee at one of the events as a small event in itself. Since it was a cultural event, and not mainly a coffee focused crowd, I opted for the Syphon as my brewing metod (borrowed kindly from Lanthandelns Espresso), pushing three different coffees through from Da Matteo coffee roasters; a natural Brazilian, a natural Panama and a washed Kenyan.

With a lot of international guests, it was actually quite a lot of knowledge floating around during the session. People knew their stuff, and one of the producers of a show was based in Vancouver and knew heaps about the local scene there. We actually shared mutual aquantancies around the world in coffee. It’s very rewarding when people from more coffee centric countries than Sweden gives you a thumbs up.

NP: The Cardigans – Burning Down The House