Monthly Archives: October 2015

Under the dome

After 7 months of paternity leave, I’m easing into work again. Part time at the moment, which is lovely. And since the place I’m suppose to work at is closed for repairs, the company took on yet another space as a pop up for a year. This is a project built by NCC, the large construction company, wanting to showcase their sustainability concept. Basically, it’s a place where art and house projecting get to meet, and we are the coffee bar for that interaction to happen. Luckily for me, there’s not even a kitchen in there, so all we can offer are very basic things.

This would be a great opportunity to showcase coffee, and I will during the fall showcase some of the best coffees around, most likely from one of my favorite roasters, Right Side Coffee in Barcelona, as well as some other coffees from around the globe! This is exciting since already I’ve encountered international students from such variety of places as Canada and Berlin, and they all seem very aware of coffee in a sense that Swedes are not.

Anyway, this place is beautiful in the Indian summer we’re experiencing now. It will be very interesting to see if it’ll be as pleasant when the temperature drops. The idea with this whole project is to log data regarding the micro climate inside, and we can’t make too many additions to the climate in order to keep it as accurate as possible. Who knows, maybe we’ll just turn into Stockholms second Ice Bar.

Another very great aspect of this little globe is that the theme is sustainability, and thus meat is pretty much cut out of the equation. Well almost anyway. You can read more about the project here: Dome of Visions (in Swedish unfortunately).

NP: Hüsker Dü – Ice Cold Ice