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Non coffee related noise

I always wanted to be a musician. My grandmother was an opera singer, my uncle is a rather famous producer and my cousin is a budding house producer about to go places. Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s I got caught up in the tape trading business within the death metal community. We had a band that disbanded back in 1995, and after that I didn’t play one single tune. But then I started working at a place where I met this guy, Matt Slammer, who asked me if I wanted to join him for a rehersal with his band cause he thought I looked cool. I said that I’d loved to. Then he asked me if I played an instrument.

My first rehersals I can’t remember if I even had my own guitar, but soon we recorded a cover song for a tribute album, and then we did some gigs. We recorded some more, and my probably biggest claim to fame is a split 7″ vinyl with Hellacopters. Then I got my first daughter, and we left the city. The band continued, but with a friend of mine on guitar instead. A couple of years ago, I hooked up with Matt Slammer again, and we decided to put the band back together. We’ve been rehearsing new songs for an upcoming album, but we had to rerehearse some old tunes for a live set. Our old drummer invited us to open up for his new band, and so we did. This is the opening song, which is typical Weaselface rock’n’roll with lyrics by the Trash Poet.

EDIT: I started a blog with updates for the band, and you can find it here: Weaselface!

A few demo songs available here!