Back to the future


For nine months I was away from Kafe Orion. The reason why I left was simple: I needed money and was promised the land of milk and honey, when in fact I was given something completely different, working for people with their heads too far up their asses to see their customer. Meanwhile, Orion had been left to its own demise under the rule of millenials, caring a lot for each other but very little for the shop. We lost our place in the White Guide Café book (which has a bit to do with that fact, and a lot to do with the fact we didn’t want to pay to be in it, but that’s another story).


Mirror to Orions soul

First of all, I had recruited people with knowledge or passion for coffee, and soon after I left they also left or was left in the dark. There was noone to inspire them. Second, the new manager hired friends, with friendship as their sole merit basically. Needless to say, they have been of little or no use to the business. Third, there has been no initiative what so ever to make the best of what they’ve had in front of them. Instead it’s been all doom and gloom. Quality and care had dropped to an unheard of level. So what to do?


A sticker from a box my grandmother got her TV in the 60’s in.

First of all, cleaning up was important. And taking away everything that was part of the past. Then the food had to come up to scratch. I am currently looking over the menu, and after the summer I will try to take a leap of faith moving away from meats totally and stick to vegetarian and vegan options. Being vegan myself, and working a lot in the kitchen these days, has been very inspiring. Then reclaiming the coffee focus that Orion was always known for. Redeepen the connection with Da Matteo has been essential.

There are some interesting things coming up for Kafe Orion, part of it is the change that we will make ourselves. But first of all, it’s key to find mature staff with hospitality and food experience, and keep on pushing the Speciality Coffee industry of Stockholm. It feels great to be back at a place that I actually care about, working for people with a vision and understanding of what hospitality is. 9 months is like a deliverance, and here I am at my own rebirthing.

NP: Millencolin Greener Grass




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