Sin City

A long time ago, I had a blog called Syn City. It was a nod to Las Vegas and to the fact that Perth had the most Synessos in the world per capita at the time. I’ve been to the US a few times, mostly on coffee related travels, but I never thought I’d be writing about coffee from the actual Sin City.

Las Vegas for most people is neon, gamble and drinking on the strip. Restaurants are all part of giant complexes, and even though not super expensive, it still takes a chunk out of your budget. And the coffee experience isn’t great. We encountered one hotel that hosted Stumptown inhouse, and I had a traditional Hairbender experience while using their wifi. Nothing much to talk about, but still a pleasant surprise compared to the other coffees we had so far. Mind you, we had morning bagels at the Einstein Bros every morning, with bottomless cups of Caribou coffee (a guilty pleasure if pouring a dash of milk in it actually), simply cause it was closest to our hotel.

There were standouts though that demands attention. First of all, we don’t drive, so the places we visited needed to be somewhat within reasonable walking distance. Second of all, the cool spots are all scattered out in the outer rims of Vegas, which means that the area around Fremont Village is the somewhat concentration of what you can get within walking distance.

PublicUs was our first stop, and the only one we returned to during our brief visit. Both times we enjoyed a hearty breakfast and some really freshly inhouse baked sweet treats. The Bourbon Banana Cake was to die for. Also, I had my up to this date best smashed avo I’ve ever had. The second time we had a long talk to the head barista, who told us a lot of places to go for our next visit. Great ambience, great food, great service!

Makers & Finders was our second stop. It’s in the Arts District of Las Vegas, and is surrounded by really cool vintage stores. Had the coffee, my wife had a drink, but wish we had more time to come back here for the menu. Food looked delicious!

Our third and final find for Las Vegas coffee was Vesta Coffee Roasters situated just around the corner from M&F. We came late in the afternoon just before closing, but had a coffee just to feel the place. Bought home a bag of their wine barel aged El Salvador, which was really something else.

Downtown Las Vegas was a really cool, up and coming place just waiting to be invaded by hipsters. On our first day there we found this big metal heart where people had attached locks to it. Naturally we got one and placed it there. It’s situated just outside the Container Park and opposite we saw this lovely Indian restaurant where we had our wedding dinner a couple of nights later.

All in all, I expect Las Vegas Downtown to develop rapidly over the next few years. Already cool bars and hangouts, vintage and arts. And I never expected to say this, but Las Vegas actually is a really cool city once you get beyond the d-glow.

NP: Acca Dacca Sin City



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