Van Damn, Amsterdam

I was about to go to Amsterdam a year ago, but life got in the way. So when my girlfriend went for the documentary film festival (IDFA), and got a hotel room, I decided to jump on a plane and join her. Two days, on a smurfs budget, is kind of the most fun way to travel.

My first stop coffee wise was the place I’ve wanted to visit since it opened in 2013, Scandinavian Embassy. Nico is the former Brewers Cup champion of Sweden, and quickly grew a reputation in the European community as the place to go in Amsterdam. Coffee from Nicos former employer, Drop Coffee, and delicious foods. We were served a beautiful pumpkin soup which was actually one of the staffs lunch box. How is that for hospitality? 

Moving on, I met up with long time friend Daniel Schein, former Sthlm based coffee geek turned wine genious. His first venture on his own is merging the two things he loves most, at 48-50 you’ll be served some of the best wines and most interesting coffees to be found in Amsterdam. To be opening before the end of the year hopefully! 

Naturally when in Amsterdam you have to meet up with local friend and SCA rep, Qim Staalman, one of the sharpest and nicest people I know in this industry. We had a coffee at Espressofabriek, situated in a lovely old factory building. Everything is close in Amsterdam, so we also walked over to Toki for another one. 

What really struck me with Amsterdam was how small it was, and how effortless a lot of cool places seemed to have been put together. People are friendly, and with better weather it would be an awesome place to return to. 

We also ended up at a cupping at Stooker, hosted by 32Cup from Antwerp. Some really interesting Brasilian and Colombian coffees. By coincidence, my girlfriend went to the Hague in the very beginning of our relationship, and brought me two bags of coffee, from Stooker. We didn’t realize this until we were on our way leaving the premises. It’s all connected. 

On her way to the airport, my girlfriend picked up my daughters monkey that she had accidently dropped on the way to kindie. So we took it on holiday. Hence the monkey business in some pictures.

NP: Thanatos: Emerging from The Netherworlds


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