Back in black

tamp like a champ

This was supposed to be my year away from coffee. Sometimes you get too involved in something, and stop enjoying it. It started pretty bad, with me going to Ethiopia on a coffee trip. Not really staying away from coffee then, was I? Then it was work and no real involvement for a long time. So my idea formed to start writing a book on Swedish Coffee Culture, which I am still in progress of getting written. And then there was the Aeropress Championships, then there was this cupping group that Christofer Levak asked me to join, then I got invited into the focus group for World of Coffee in Gothenburg 2015,  and all of a sudden I was interested in a job that was available. So, I resigned from the Underground, finally, and will start working at Lanthandeln Espresso, a quality based café inside the Bonnier Konsthall in Stockholm.

Today I did a sneaky appearance before my official start on Thursday, and it was all fun and games. But also kind of an eye opener, that I am back on square one, knowledge wise. It’s a challenge, but also kind of a rebirthing for me. A chance to start all over again. With an old school Mazzer grinder, dosing chamber style, and a Synesso, I am back where I started. Pictures will follow.

NP: AC/DC Back In Black


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