Swedish Aeropress Championships 2014

For the third year in a row, the Swedish Aeropress Championships was organized by Brian Jones of the famous blog Dear Coffee I Love You. First year was at Da Matteo in Gothenburg, and I remember taking the night bus to Gothenburg with Joanna and Simon of Drop Coffee. That year, we saw Emil Eriksson of Love Coffee take home first prize, and I actually got to see him take home third place in the world in Portland. I loved the intensity of that competition, it was so unpretentious; just a bunch of geeks in a room brewing up a storm.

Second year was at Koppi in Helsingborg, and the traveling was too unconvenient for me, so I didn’t participate. That year, a home brewer took first place and represented Sweden in Melbourne.

This year, it was too close for me to miss out, being at J&N at Work in Stockholm. So I opted to join in on the fun. For the last year I’ve been brewing coffee at home on my Moccamaster, and haven’t really cared for alternative brewing methods, so it was a good chance to dust off the old penis pump to play around. I’ve never had much luck with the Able-disk, so I decided to enhance the filter with adding paper to it as well.

hipsters with around the pumps

My method was simple: 17 grams of coffee, rather course (somewhere between metal and paper filter), upside down brewing. Added water to the top without pre-wetting. Stirred properly for the coffee grounds to leave the top and assimilate in the brew. Once settled, I stirred again. And then one more time, but filling up water to the top before that (since degassing the bloom will leave room for more water). No water weighed, no time measured. Freestyle.


Judges Anders and Måns pointed to Timmy’s cup and Joanna pointed at my cup. So, I was out of the game pretty quickly, which I had kind of expected anyway. For me, this competition is a little bit like betting on horse racing. But saying that, we could soon see I was sort of on to something. Third place, John Dester of Kafé Esaias, used not two but three filters. Then the competition was down to first and second place; winner being Oscar Nyman, who used to work for J&N, but now was competing as independant, and runner up Brian Jones of DCILY. Judges said there was a clear distinction between these two cups and the rest, and it turned out they were the only people who sifted their coffees, so I guess it can make quite a difference after all!

Oscar vs Fatima

For me the greatest part was seeing the guys from Da Matteo coming up and representing. Fatima, Gabriella and Patrik were all competing bravely, and have been seen doing so this year earlier, and it excites me that a new generation are still interested in learning through competing, and participating in the community challenges! Great to catch up with people over some boutique beers courtesy of J&N afterwards, and good luck to Oscar in Rimini in a couple of months.

NP: Christopher Cross Ride Like The Wind



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