Bags outside the Box

single origin bags


It’s been in the making for a long time, longer than I can remember actually. Even though I have been disconnected from Da Matteo since the summer, I have been a part of the process that eventually has lead up to this stunning result, which I am very happy about and thus feel that I want to share (though my impact on the final result is rather minimal).

The logo came as a pleasant surprise. In an era when people tend to put two beans together to form a heart with various results, I find this rather industrial and modernistic bean to be timeless and classy, yet contemporary enough to make it memorable. Also, going from the old “Torrefazione” to “Kaffeaktiebolaget” in Swedish (“Coffee Inc.”), is very fitting since Da Matteo is working on a Swedish market with the customer wanting to be close to the origin of the roasted coffee, and not affiliated with the Italian style that Matts helped popularize in Sweden back in the 1990’s.


These little symbols are darlings of mine. If you remember the menu that big chain Espresso House “borrowed” from us, these were what the symbols should have looked like when I explained them to the designer Jesper Tullback. My association goes to wine lists, that usually holds similar pictured profiles of Cows, Fish or Chicken for instance.


“acidity, sweetness, body”

I really like this in theory, much as in the beer world that it is most likely most known in. However, what I find is that it is only useful if you compare this to other coffees/beers you are aware of already. “If this is full bodied, that would be medium bodied”. However, I guess it helps the customer to find a coffee that is for instance more sweet than acidic. Regardless, it looks good!


"Smell here. Squeeze the bag and you can feel the aroma of the coffee"

“Smell here. Squeeze the bag and you can feel the aroma of the coffee”

This is a lot of humour! My ex mother in law used to squeeze the bags all the time. She never drank coffee, but she loved the aroma of them. I love this! Who ever came up with it is a funny (wo)man!

the advantage of roasting with a Loring

the advantage of roasting with a Loring

Not sure who came up with the slogan at first, but I think it’s brilliant. And the logo for this slogan/branding is cool and futuristic, and still a play on what in Sweden is known as “Svanmärkt”, one of many environmental certifications. And probably a bit more commercially viable than my idea of doing a “CR/CT” logo with a hint to the AC/DC logo.

vintage espresso

vintage espresso

Da Matteo used to have three espresso blends, each named after the three first outlets, Vallgatan, Magasinsgatan and Passagen, where Vallgatan was the more acidic blend, Magasinsgatan the fruity one and Passagen a more classic style of espresso, a passage to a newer dimension in coffee if your original preference was the Italian style. Now, the espresso has been cut down to two versions; the “1993” blend, which is the year Matts Johansson started the café Java in Gothenburg, and “2007”, the year Da Matteo started roasting themselves. Basically the “1993” blend is a nod to the classics, but a much more stylish product than any Italian you’ll find. It focuses on sweetness, as the “2007” blend focuses more on the fruitiness and acidity from the Third Wave coffee scene.

tight squeeze


Is there something I am not too fond of when it comes to the bags? Well, the resealing function isn’t there anymore, which is not a problem for cafés, but for home consumers like myself, I have to come up with my own solution (see picture above). I really love how café El Beit in New York had their bags coming with a small clip for the customer to be able to close the bag with, since they had the same kind of non-resealable solution. However, I do like that it is sealed in a way you don’t need scissors to open it up.

I see a lot of companies struggle with packaging, design and concepts that needs to last over time. This didn’t happen over night, it’s been a lot of long calls, discussions and ideas thrown out the window. It’s like when you were part of a band and part of the songwriting. When you quit and the album comes out, it sounds different, but you can still hear the little contributions you made. And it makes you proud!

NP: The Accidents – 20000 drinks ago






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