Last shift!

Today was my last shift at Espressino. It has been some very fun hours, some very long hours, some very stressful hours, some rather quiet hours. Most of all, I’ve enjoyed it! For almost two years, I didn’t do steady bar work. I had almost forgotten what it was like to get up 4am and catch the first train in order to make sandwiches and all the other things a coffee person has to do before he or she can even touch the coffee.

Even though the concept right now is rather restricted to espresso, owner Alex is dead set on finding a way to get brewed coffee on the menu! I am sure he’ll get there! In one sense it is sad that it’s over. On the other hand, I am now moving on to my next project. What that will be, I will reveal soon enough!

NP: Chairlift Amanaemonesia


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