There just might be an X in espresso

This was both my second time to Paris, and second time I got to tag along the wonderful da Matteo crew to serve the press coffee at Volvo’s stand at the international car fair. The fair was both smaller, and more intimate! Since it was a press booth, sometimes the reactions from other car exhibitors who wanted to taste the coffee, but could present no press-ID, was slightly stressed. One Swedish guy exclaimed; “But I’m very important on Twitter”, and ran off angry.

The da Matteo crew, minus Jocke who had to leave due to an early flight

We had great reactions to the coffee from both major newspapers coming to report from the show. Both added that Volvo had the best coffee on the fair, which we naturally had to investigate. Mercedes and Toyota both had big espresso bars, with plenty of staff. Toyota had something like 4 grinders (not sure what they were for though?), but the coffee tasted hideous.

As for the coffee, this was very true…

Also we were filmed by various teams that were reporting from the fair, and one journalist presented himself from the last trip to Geneva, and handed me the link to the report from earlier this year (check out the presentation on Volvo V40 in this link 😉 ) (for some additional car pics, please visit my Flickr)

Working at fairs like these is a lot of fun, and though we worked 12 hours a day, we still managed to squeeze in some fun on town! Also, we had the opportunity to extend our stay in Paris for a couple of days, but sort accomodation ourselves, which was a great opportunity, since my girlfriend as a very good coincidence had a performance in Paris the same weekend.

“Fresh” the audience thought!

Besides the coffee side of things, I met up with an old friend I hadn’t seen for the past 15 years or so, and had drinks in Montparnasse. Service was hideous, but the company was great! My friends boyfriend is a super exciting producer/DJ, well worth checking up!

Just before going home, I went with friends to the fabulous Palais de Tokyo. It’s an amazing arts space close to the Trocadero area, with a giant café offering close up view of the Eiffel Tower (that I also caught glimpses of from a taxi, and from the skybar in Montparnasse. It’s like it is casting a shadow over everything this weekend without ever taking centre of attention).

Palais de Tokyo offering some impressive artwork

My second visit to Paris really left me wanting to explore further, and by the looks of it, I will have the opportunity to come back next summer for a couple of weeks! Can’t wait!

NP: Lifelike Heatwave

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