The Wedding Slinger

One of my favorite hobbies is photography, and I’ve been fortunate enough to take some pictures at weddings. I wanted to take the opportunity here to share a few of my favorite pictures from recent weddings.

Régy and Sofie are Belgian friends living in Stockholm, but unfortunately not for long, since they are very soon moving to New York.  Régy actually named this blog when we were on a trip to Copenhagen together last fall. This wedding had one of the coolest receptions I’ve been to, where the food offered was from a food truck, New York style! This picture is taken minutes after the actual ceremony at the Eko-tempel on Djurgården in Stockholm.

Jocke and Jessica were married last year in the small town of Växjö. I’ve known Jocke for a very long time, and I consider him one of my absolutely best friends. I love this picture, cause Jessica is holding a very emotional speech, and the drink pose wasn’t really what I was trying to capture at all. Yet, it’s so perfectly them. The text in the corner on the wall says “The Beautiful”, which was really what I was after…

This picture is from the same wedding. We were some old friends meeting up after the reception but before the dinner for some drinks. Some drank more than others. This is my old friend Tobbe with his girlfriend Hanna. He wants another drink, she wants us to get in the cab. I wasn’t getting drunk by then, and rather tired from travelling all morning. It wasn’t until 2am or so when the party continued at the wedding couples house, and we drank imported beers and were dancing to dodgy 80’s classics until 6.30am that I was getting tipsy.

This photo is taken at a reception of two Police women getting married. They met during their time at the Police Academy, and they got married in Gränna, where one of the brides attended school with my now ex wife. This is the kind of tape that Police use at the crime scene, which I thought was a very clever thing to do!

And here they are, and since the style they arrived in reminded my of the song about “love and marriage, goes together like a horse and carriage”, a lot of photos were taken then. Here they meet the families and friends gathered at the top of the mountain, watching them join the holy matrimony, wedded by Karins (closest in the picture) old Spanish teacher (and my old yoga mate) with the lake Vättern as the scenery to enjoy this beautiful day!

NP: Billy Idol White Wedding

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